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Dudley and Marion Bolyard Scholarship


One Scholarship for $5,000

A $5000 award will be given to a graduate student in geology (or a closely related geoscience field) at any university or college selected by the RMAG Foundation. It may also be given to a rising senior at any four-year university or college that offers a degree in geology except for the Colorado School of Mines and Colorado College which are dedicated recipients of other RMAG Foundation scholarships. This scholarship will reward excellence and scientific achievement in geologic studies.  Applicants conducting research in geology, geophysics, or any other earth science-related subdisciplines, as noted in the introduction, are encouraged to apply.  The scholarship is made available by the Bolyards who longtime supporters of the RMAG Foundation and the geologic community. Dudley served in major leadership positions with the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG) and with the RMAG Foundation.  He is revered for his passionate success in all his geologic endeavors.

The following criteria will be used by the RMAG Foundation to select a recipient for the scholarship:

  • Relevance of the student’s research to the specifications listed for this award
  • Academic achievements
  • Economic need
  • Faculty references or contacts

Applications for the RMAG Foundation Scholarships must be submitted electronically and must include:

  • A thesis proposal (two pages or less) with financial support and needs listed to complete the research
  • A resume with GPA information
  • A schedule for completing stages in and completion of the research
  • Recommendation letter from the appropriate faculty advisor

A review panel will evaluate proposals submitted, and Trustees of the Foundation will make the final selection.

Complete applications are due by January 14, 2022 and must be submitted electronically to the Faculty recommendations can be emailed separately by January 14, 2022 to

Submit Application Online

    Dudley and Marion Bolyard Graduate Student Scholarship Application 2022

    Please Attach:

    1. A thesis proposal (two pages or less) supplemented with figures and maps as needed,
      financial support and needs listed, and with a timetable for completion of the research.
    2. A resume with GPA and GRE information.
    3. A schedule for completing stages in and completion of the research.
    4. Recommendation letter from the appropriate faculty advisor.