Recent Scholarship Winners

Moones Alamooti is the 2022 Stone-Hollberg Scholarship winner.
Moones is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks.

Moones’ dissertation topic is “The application of new optimization algorithm in mapping of fracture networks in the Red River Formation of McKenzie County, North Dakota.” Moones intends to geophysically map natural fractures in order to develop models for fracture distribution that can be used to optimize development of geothermal resources in the Red River Formation. She will apply a novel geophysical processing algorithm to assist in mapping the fractures.

Moones’ scholarship will be used to pay for rental of a seismic acquisition thumper truck and travel expense in North Dakota.

Spencer Shaw is the 2022 Phillip McKenna Scholarship winner.
Spencer is a junior Geology Major at Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Spencer’s topic of study is “Investigating flow regime changes on channel morphodynamics, Fountain Creek, Colorado.” The work will examine long-term base flow changes and consider regional and local controls on water flow. Isolating local drivers of change in Fountain Creek will help to manage the drainage more effectively for water usage and ecosystem recovery.

Spencer will using the scholarship funds to purchase aerial photos and support for living expenses in the field.

Luis Carlos Escobar Arenas is the Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship winner Luis is a M.S. student at Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Luis is studying “Surface-based modeling of 3-D architectural elements controlled by wellbore modeling.” Luis will perform multidimensional modeling of deep-water channels to test if stratigraphic patterns can be correlated through several measured section locations. His dataset will consist of  >5000 m of measured section data from the Upper Tres Pasos Formation in the Magallanes Basin of Chile and he will use advanced analytical tools such as Python and MATLAB.

Luis’s scholarship funds will be used for travel expense to Chile and living costs in the field.