Who We Are


The mission of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Foundation is to inspire and educate current and future geoscientists.


We need more Earth-educated citizens. The RMAG Foundation contributes to this important effort by:

  • Offering research scholarships to geoscience graduate students at universities across the country.
  • Providing funds to support and enhance geoscience teaching by schools and museums.
  • Recognizing outstanding undergraduate students and earth science teachers with awards
  • Funding geoscience publications and presentations.
  • Supporting educational activities by RMAG such as field trips and public outreach.
  • Providing support for students to attend technical conferences and symposia.


The RMAG Foundation was established in 1975 as the charitable arm of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists. The Foundation has a rich history of supporting the geosciences.

Board of Trustees

The Foundation is governed by a nine-person Board of Trustees. The Board meets quarterly or more frequently if necessary. Several committees made up of Trustees provide input to the Board on matters such as investment policy and fundraising.