What We Do

The RMAG Foundation supports activities in the earth sciences by providing funds to support students, teaching endeavors and by funding earth science outreach by institutions and individuals.


The Foundation offers ten scholarships to 14 students. Scholarships are available to both graduate and undergraduate students. Scholarships are awarded by the Trustees following competitive evaluation of applications (eight scholarships) or nominations by faculty members (two scholarships for six students). Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to closely read the requirements for each of scholarship, as most scholarships are available to graduate students only.

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Awards and Grants

The Foundation provides awards that recognize individual accomplishments in the earth sciences. Grants are available to institutions that support public outreach and individuals to facilitate publishing technical papers and enable participation in technical courses, seminars, and field trips.

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Institutional Support

A diverse range of organizations are supported by the Foundation.

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Our Donors

Thank you to our donors. 

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