Scholarship Application Instructions

RMAG Foundation Scholarship Application Instructions 2024

Important information for scholarship applicants

  • Scholarship applications are due Monday, January 15, 2024.
  • The RMAG Foundation scholarships will be awarded in late February 2024.  
  • All geoscience categories are eligible (including but not limited to geology, geophysics, geochemistry, isotope studies, environmental geology, hydrology, planetary geology, geoscience-related machine learning, etc.).
  • Graduate students, and in selected cases, undergraduate students, all of whom are in good standing, may apply. 
  • RMAG Foundation Trustees will select the winners for each scholarship except the McKenna and Brown scholarships, which are selected by the faculty.
  • Applicants may be asked to provide a photo and short bio for Foundation publicity purposes.

Scholarship Descriptions (click here to learn more details about each scholarship).

  • The Gary Babcock Memorial Scholarship ($4000) supports excellence and scientific achievement in any geoscience field and is open to graduate students only. Two scholarships are awarded.
  • The Bolyard Family Scholarship ($3500) also supports excellence and scientific achievement in any geoscience field but is open to graduate and rising senior undergraduates at any school except Colorado School of Mines and Colorado College.
  • The Robert M. Cluff Memorial Scholarship ($2500) targets graduate students who incorporate petrophysical and/or reservoir characterization analyses in their research.
  • The Colorado School of Mines Scholarship ($4500) is designated only for CSM graduate students to support excellence and scientific achievement in any geoscience field.
  • The Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship ($4000) is applicable to graduate students who utilize various exploration techniques to locate accumulations of petroleum. Innovative research with the addition of fieldwork and/or subsurface data will be given special consideration. 
  • The Michael S. Johnson Scholarship ($3000) is for petroleum research by graduate students in one of the following states: CO, ND, MT, WY, NE, and UT.
  • Two Philip J. McKenna Scholarships (each for $5000) are only for rising senior geology majors at Colorado College.
  • The Stone-Hollberg Scholarship ($2500) is for graduate students conducting structural geology or geophysics research in the Rocky Mountain region. 
  • The Veterans’ Memorial Scholarship ($6000) is designated for a graduate student doing geoscience research who is a veteran or is currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Application instructions 

Please submit only one application before the January 14, 2024 deadline to The RMAG Foundation Trustees will review your application and consider it for all the scholarships for which it is eligible.  

The following documents must be uploaded to the RMAG Foundation website by January 14, 2024:

  1. A thesis or dissertation proposal (must be two pages of text or less), supplemented by a few figures or maps if needed. Please describe the focus of your research, hypotheses, specific plans to test them, methodologies, and the expected significance of your results.
  2. A resume that includes all current contact information, thesis/dissertation title, educational background, job experiences, and honors and awards. GRE scores are not required.
  3. A schedule or timeline with dates for completing the proposed research and a proposed budget that may be covered, in part, by a scholarship.
  4. A letter of recommendation from an advisor or faculty member. Faculty may email the recommendation separately to
  5. For veterans of a military service branch, please provide a copy of DD Form 214C, a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, and a description of military role(s) performed.
  6. A black and white or color photo, with permission, may be requested from all scholarship winners. They may be asked to give permission for a short bio, photos or a short video clip for Foundation publicity purposes.

The application is now closed. Thanks to all who applied.