KAYLA BRONZO, Colorado College; Philip J. McKenna Memorial Scholarship
Using 18O/16O and 87Sr/86Sr of tooth enamel from dinosaurs to infer patterns of movement over the Late Jurassic landscape, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming

KUWANN DYER-PIETRAS, State University of New York, Binghamton; Gary L Babcock Memorial Scholarship;
Cyclostratigraphy, Sr and Ar isotope geochemistry of the Green River Formation, Piceance basin, Colorado

MARIO GUZMAN, Colorado School of Mines; Colorado School of Mines Graduate Scholarship
Radiometric dating and fluid inclusion analysis of Au-Ag veins from the North Amethyst epithermal deposit, Creede mining district, Colorado

AARON HESS, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship
Analysis of coastal-plain fluvial architecture in the Cretaceous Masuk Formation

KELLY B. HICKCOX, University of Missouri; Veterans Memorial Scholarship
Analysis of the Debque landslide using ground-based radar and aerial photogrammetry, Mesa County, Colorado, USA

ELLEN JAYNE REAT, University of Utah; Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship
Common minerals and common Pb isotope: uncommon applications and new method development for detrital K-feldspar provenance analysis

LUKAS R. SMITH, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; Veterans Memorial Scholarship
Investigation of the copper skarn on the western part of the Central district, Elko County, Nevada

KATRINA LUCIA SOUNDY, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Stone/Hollberg Scholarship
Characterization of fault micro-structures from the Sawtooth Mountains and West Salton detachment faults, New Mexico and California

MICHAEL ZAWASKI, University of Colorado, Boulder; Dudley and Marion Bolyard Scholarship
Stromatolites as chemical and isotopic probes of paleoenvironmental conditions during the Permian-Triassic extinction event