As a result of a generous contribution by Elmo and Kathy Brown, the RMAG Foundation was able to award three scholarships for the first time this year. The C. Elmo and Kathleen W. Brown Scholarship has been designated to fund some expenses for field camp for a student from one of four Colorado schools (Adams State and Fort Lewis Colleges, Colorado Mesa and Western Colorado Universities).

Sherri Buxton proudly displays her scholarship certificate.

Sherri Buxton from Colorado Mesa University (CMU) was thrilled to receive the Brown Scholarship funding. In addition to maintaining a GPA of 3.7, serving as student president of the National Society of Leadership and Success CMU chapter, and participating as a member of the student chapter of AAPG, she is the proud mother of three children. Professor Andres Aslan wrote a glowing recommendation for Sherri, citing her as one of the best students he has ever had. Following his encouragement to pursue outside research, she collected samples in the field and is now working with two geochronology labs (in Arizona and New Mexico) to analyze U-Pb dates for detrital zircon grains and 40Ar/39Ar dates for detrital sanidine grains to study the origin, age, and provenance of Late Cretaceous river gravels. This study will contribute to the tectonic history of gravels perched on the flanks of Western Colorado Laramide uplifts. Sherri expressed gratitude for the funding in a letter to the Browns. Following her graduating in May 2022, she will pursue a master’s degree through Texas A&M University.

Kailee Smith, a transfer student at Fort Lewis College, just completed her second year as a geology major. She grew up in Oklahoma and Alaska but became interested in geology after a visit to Okinawa, Japan when she explored basaltic lava flows. Her enthusiasm for summer field camp was enhanced after the many hands-on experiences, field trips, and a Field Methods class offered by Fort Lewis. Professor Gary Giannini recommended Kailee for this scholarship.

Ireln (Earl) King has been awarded the Brown Scholarship from Western Colorado University. Professor Elizabeth Petrie, the Moncrief Chair in Petroleum Geology, wrote very highly of Earl as a first-generation university student, a motivated student, and a service-oriented person. Earl is a resident assistant and works the 5 am breakfast shift at the University Center restaurant Mad Jack’s before her classes start. She is so grateful to the Browns for this scholarship.