The RMAG Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 scholarships! These students submitted the top applications from a total of 55 applications that were received this year. Congratulations scholarship winners!

Elijah Adeniyi, a PhD candidate at Montana State University, is awarded the Norman Foster Scholarship. Elijah’s dissertation is entitled “Genetic origin of the Upper Devonian Duperow Formation CO2 and other gasses within Kevin Dome’s petroleum systems, Northwest Montana”. Elijah was also awarded the Norman Foster Scholarship in 2019.

Ryan Allen, a Masters’ student in the Museum and Field Studies Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is the winner of the Dudley and Marion Bolyard Scholarship. His research topic is “A Juvenile Cretaceous Crocodilian in an Enigmatic Concretion from Montana”.

Edward Berke, a Masters’ candidate at Iowa State University, is one of two Gary Babcock Scholarship winners. His thesis is entitled “Petrological, Mineralogical and Geochemical Studies of Proterozoic Copper-Zinc-Lead-Gold-Silver Deposits, Colorado”.

Mitchell Grimm, a Masters’ student at Colorado School of Mines, is the Michael Johnson Scholarship awardee. His thesis focuses on “Calculating the “Collective Permeability” of the Natural Fractures within the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale, Denver-Julesburg Basin, Denver, Colorado”.

Adam Lane, a PhD candidate at the University of Kansas, has been awarded the Veterans’ Memorial Scholarship. His dissertation topic is “Possible Structurally Controlled Hydrothermal Dolomite and Mississippi Valley-Type Mineralization in Eastern Colorado: Investigations and Implications of the Arikaree Creek Field, Denver Basin”.

Hanaga Simabrata, a Masters’ candidate at Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and the winner of the CSM Scholarship. His thesis topic is “Multi-Scale Characterization of Deformation of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Mass Transport Deposits, Cutoff Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas”.

Alexa Socianu, a PhD student at Colorado School of Mines, has been awarded the Robert M. Cluff Scholarship. Her dissertation research is entitled “From Pore to Production: A Multiscale Assessment of Mudrock Heterogeneity Within the Mowry Shale, Powder River Basin, Wyoming”.

Haley Thoresen, a PhD student at the University of Idaho, is one of two Gary Babcock Scholarship winners. Her dissertation title is “Eocene Extensional Basins in the Western United States Cordillera: Timing of Basin Formation and Hydrocarbon Potential”.

Haley Thorson, a Masters’ student at Colorado School of Mines, is the Stone-Hollberg Scholarship awardee. Her thesis research focuses on “Structural deformation and geologic history of the Pre-Laramide salt tectonics in the Eagle Basin, Garfield County, Colorado”.

Luke Gezovich, a Masters’ candidate at Colorado School of Mines, has been awarded the RMAG Foundation’s first Publication Charge Grant, for his research paper on “Machine Learning Differentiation of Fluvial Fans and Deltas”.