The RMAG Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 scholarships!

  • Gary Babcock Memorial Scholarship
    • Christophe Simbo, Doctoral candidate at Colorado State University
      “Sedimentological and geochemical factors influencing the viability of aquifer storage and recovery in the Edwards aquifer, New Braunfels, Texas”
    • Jacob Slawson, Doctoral candidate at Colorado School of Mines
      “Using Paleogene stratigraphy to predict future hydrologic change”
  • Dudley and Marion Bolyard Scholarship at University of Colorado
    • Nicholas Ferry, Doctoral candidate at the University of Kansas
      “Source-to-Sink Sediment Dispersal of the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Southeastern Utah”
  • Robert M. Cluff Memorial Scholarship
    • Shadya Taleb, Masters student at the University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences
      “Multiphase flow studies for geological carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration in The Gulf of Mexico using microfluidics devices”
  • Colorado School of Mines Scholarship
    • Robert Charnock, Masters student at the Colorado School of Mines
      “Geology of a Climax-type porphyry molybdenum deposit and base-metal mineralized system, Mount Emmons area, Crested Butte, Colorado”
  • Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship
    • Luis Carlos Escobar Arenas, Masters student at Colorado State University
      “Surface-based modeling of 3D architectural elements controlled by near wellbore modeling”
  • Michael S. Johnson Scholarship
    • Carolina Mayorga, Doctoral candidate at the Colorado School of Mines
      “Oil Potential of the Asquith Marker, Lewis Shale, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming”
  • Philip J. McKenna Scholarship for Colorado College
    • Spencer Shaw, Junior at Colorado College
      “Investigating Flow Regime Changes on Channel Morphodynamics, Fountain Creek, Colorado”
  • RMAG Foundation Special Award
    • Aaron Orelup, Junior at Colorado Mesa University
      “ Provenance of detrital sanidine grains, western San Juan Volcanic Field, Colorado”
  • Stone-Hollberg Scholarship
    • Moones Alamooti, Doctoral candidate at the University of North Dakota
      “The Application of New Optimization Algorithm in Mapping of Fracture Networks in the Red River Formation of McKenzie County, North Dakota”
  • Veterans Memorial Scholarship
    • Wade Aubin, Doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences
      “Unraveling the thermal evolution of the pyroclastic density currents from the Crater Lake climactic eruption”