During 2019, the RMAG Foundation honors eight research scholarship awardees, listed here with their universities or college and their research topics. Our congratulations to the winners.

ELIJAH ADENIYI, Montana State University, Norman F. Foster Memorial Scholarship
The origin and timing of CO2 reservoired in the Duperow Formation, Kevin Dome, Montana

KATELYN BARTON, Brigham Young University, Michael S. Johnson Scholarship
Links between eruptive styles and magmatic evolution at shield volcanoes: Snake River Plain, Idaho

Michael Frothingham, University of Colorado, Boulder, Stone/Hollberg Memorial Scholarship
Crystal- to Crustal-Scale Seismic Anisotropy of Continental Crust

ZOE HAVELENA, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Gary Babcock Memorial Scholarship
Sulfuric acid speleogenesis of caves in the Eastern Great Basin

Rachel Havranek, University of Colorado, Boulder, Dudley and Marion Bolyard/University of Colorado Scholarship
Developing a multiport soil vapor storage system

ROBIN HILDERMAN, Colorado College, Philip J. McKenna Memorial Scholarship
La-ICP-MS of U-Pb zircon and Hf isotope geochemistry of the Hinsdale Formation San Juan, Colorado

ELISABETH G. RAU, Baylor University, Robert M. Cluff Memorial Scholarship
Prediction of depositional facies and associated rock quality attributes from wireline logs within the Late Devonian Duvernay Formation

Trevor Van Dyke, Iowa State University, Veterans Memorial Scholarship
The geology, geochemistry, and mineralogy of the metamorphosed Dawson massive sulfide and gold deposit, Canyon City, Colorado