The RMAG Foundation wishes to thank these people and companies for their 2019 contributions:

Donna Anderson
Joyce Babcock
Marv Brittenham
Terry Eschner
Jane Estes-Jackson
Frank Ethridge
Gibbett Hill Foundation
Debra and Ernest Gomez
Robbie Gries
Donald Jennison
Tanya Inks

Patricia J. Irwin
Connie Knight
Bob Lamarre
Elizabeth McKenna in honor of Ruth Fisher
Don McKenna
Erica Lockridge
Ira Pasternack
Kurt Reisser
RMAG Auxiliary in memory of Eileen Griffith

RMAG Auxiliary in memory of Ruth Fisher
John Robinson
J. Rick Sarg
Stephen Strachan
David Taylor and Jaelyn Eberle
WPX Energy
Laura Wray