During 2018 the RMAG Foundation honored deceased colleague Randy R. Ray, III, a vibrant, generous, and widely respected geologist and geophysicist in the western United States and Alaska with a plaque presented to the Denver Geophysical Society (DGS) 3D Symposium to record and recognize the best paper presented at each annual 3D Symposium. For years, Randy organized, and was the driving force behind the annual, highly successful Symposium. Holding the plaque, to which the names of past and future best speakers will be inscribed, is 2018 award winner Robert Meek representing Pioneer Resources. Symposium co-chairs, Brad Birkelo (left) and Angie Southcott (right), presented the new plaque that will serve also as a rotating award recording part of the history of the 3-D Symposium.

As additional support of the 3-D Symposium, the RMAG Foundation provided funds to enable graduate students from several universities to attend the 2018 Symposium at discounted registration costs.